Jeet ke Bhalle – Raja Garden

Jeet ke Bhalle – I heard this name several time from my father. And during his lst visit to my house before his death he brought the same Dahi-Bhalle for me. So somehow I have bit emotional attachment with this shop.
This little shop at Raja Garden is surely leaving its reputation since last 40 years. At 35 bucks a plate, its more than enough of one full meal. Finding the place isn’t too hard. Its just close to Delhi metro pillar number 380 at Raja Garden.
Dahi Bhallas which have been selling like hot cakes since the past 40 years. Soft, creamy and scrumptious and spicy with red south and green chatni. Masala can be as per your choice. These are a must-have for every foodie like me 🙂
Things changed, but not the taste of these Dahi-Bhalle which my father brought for me 4 years back.

Sultan Garhi – Country’s first tomb


Country’s first tomb, Sultan Garhi built by Sultan Iltutmish in 1231 for his eldest son and Razia Sultana’s brother, Nasiruddin Mahmood, situated in the woodlands of Vasant Kunj [opposite Sector C, Pocket 9, Vasant Kunj in Delhi. At that time this place was known as Malkapur.

DSC00078    DSC00079

Iltumish was the first Sultan of the Slave Dynasty who ruled in Delhi from 1210 to 1236 A.D. The area where the Ghari (meaning: cave) tomb is situated, was part of the first city of medieval Delhi known as the  Slave Dynasty that ruled during the period 1206 to 1290

DSC00085 DSC00135

It is noteworthy that people of neighbouring areas of Mahipalpur and Rangpur consider it as the tomb of saintly ‘peer’ and come here for worship. It is a venerable place of worship and prayers for both Hindus and Muslims. For new brides of these villages it is almost a must to visit this place for worship.


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