About Me

Chose a Career. Chose Nomadic Life. Chose the Mind Numbing Traffic.
Chose being connected to remain disconnected. Chose being a Happy Cynic.
Chose Iphone, Kindle,  Nikon Cameras,  wanting more.
Chose Single Malt Scotch, high fat,  high cal fads.
Chose late mornings and late night gossip sessions.
Chose Dance. Chose endless book reading.
Chose backpacking, lonely planet guide, meeting strangers and wondering why the f**k I landed here.
Chose Jagjit Singh, Jim Morisson. Kinghfisher Beer.
Choose 2 wheels. Choose half throttle on Royal Enfield.
Chose restlessness for 24 hours a day.
Chose freedom. Chose Expression.
Photography, Blogging, Travelling, Reading  and Craziness of music.

I Chose. Life. Madness. Insanity. Wild wind over gentle breeze. Speed over stagnancy. Stress Over stability. I Chose. Therefore I am.


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