Dhai Bhalley – Asaf Ali Road

If you take the straight road, under the Minto Bridge, from Connaught Place to Asaf Ali Road, you will find the dahi bhalley man on the left immediately after a small roundabout. There is no signboard, and no glittering neon lights, but you know you are at the right spot because of the crowd around him. The dahi-bhalley wallah is surrounded by several earthenware pots, or matkas. One has curds in it, another has the sweet-and-sourwater that goes into golgappas.
What makes him different from the other papri-chaat that you get in different parts of the city is the lavish use of ginger in his chaat. My dahi-bhalla papari (Rs.15 for a plate) consisted of one large dahi bhalla. He had layered this with thin slivers of ginger. On top of that came a layer of papri. To this he added a fistful of boiled chickpeas and cubed potatoes. And then came the curds, followed by green and red chutneys.


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