Special Choley Bhaturey Corner

This is at municipal market near the Super Bazaar in Connaught Place. The market is in a small lane right next to Super Bazaar, adjoining Shankar Market. If you are standing in front of Super Bazaar, facing it, it’s to your right. Go down the lane, and you’ll find the Special Chholey Bhaturey Corner, as it’s called, at the very end.

The chholey came with a dollop of green chutney, with a green chilli pickle and a sour mango pickle on the side. The bhatureys were stuffed with paneer, giving the crispy bread a soft touch. One plate, consisting of a good helping of chholey and two hot bhaturey, comes for Rs.18.


Nand Di Hatti

This pigeon-hole in a supremely unlikely, hard-to-find location serves some of the best Channa Bhature that you’re likely to find in the city. Made with pure ghee, and served with a home-made pickle that varies from season to season, it’s a treat. Be sure to carry your own bottled water along.

Location : 29, Pan Mandi, Sadar Bazar, Delhi


Chacha’s Chhole Bhature. – Kamla Nagar

This is a small shop, with no sitting arrangement. A meal of surprisingly non-greasy Alu Bhature, with the lip-smackingly delicious chholey coupled with perfectly fried potatoes, fresh onions and green chillies, all without having to stand in a long line of drooling undergrads!

Chacha’s also sells his secret ingredient — the chana masala, something that is not advertised even at the shop


Nagpal’s Chhole Bhature

Nagpal’s chhole are full-bodied and zesty, and his bhature are wonderfully soft and speckled with paneer inside. And Nagpal has just the thing to accompany a plate of his chhole bhature — a cold glass of sweet lassi, sourced from the shop next door. The two together will set you back by no more than Rs. 38

Location: As you come south on Josip Broz Tito Marg, don’t take the Moolchand flyover, but the slip road on the left of it. Proceed straight through the intersection with Ring Road, and then take the first left. After about 300m, you’ll see a market with a fruit juice stall on the corner. Nagpal’s is at the other corner of the same block. Or, just ask anyone around that area. Yes, anyone.

Timings: 7:30am – 2pm


Sitaram Dewan Chand’s Chhole Bhature

Sitaram Dewan Chand’s shop is a small affair, but with the facility of tables on the pavement outside, at which you can stand and eat.

Sitaram’s fresh bhature are quite as soft and fluffy as those at Nagpal’s. But they certainly trump Nagpal in the taste department. For one, the bhature are even more liberally stippled with paneer shreds. But that is not all that makes them so special — it is also the fresh coriander, and the variety of spices (including fennel, pomegranate seeds, and others that I couldn’t unravel) that are mixed into the flour.

Of course, the zesty chhole, served with green chillies and onions, are a favourite in of themselves.

Location: The address is 2246, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj. This is on the street (technically, “Rajguru Marg”). The shop is on the ground floor of the building which houses Hotel Chanakya.

Timings: 8am to late afternoon