How to choose a Great Leader

Choose a leader who will invest in
Building bridges, not walls.
Books, not weapons.
Morality, not corruption.
Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance.
Stability, not fear and terror.
Peace, not chaos.
Love, not hate.
Convergence, not segregation.
Tolerance, not discrimination.
Fairness, not hypocrisy.
Substance, not superficiality.
Character, not immaturity.
Transparency, not secrecy.
Justice, not lawlessness.
Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction.
Truth, not lies.ā€

Suzy Kassem is an American writer, poet, philosopher, and multi-faceted artist of Egyptian origin. The granddaughter of a well-known sage in 19th century Cairo, mysticism and wisdom run through her blood just as the water of the Nile flows through her veins.

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