30 November 1982 : The year of Thriller

Thirty-Eight years ago, Michael Jackson released an album that cemented his status as the world’s biggest pop star.

“Thriller,” released on November 30, 1982, went on to become the world’s best-selling music album in history. Featuring hits like the title track as well as “Beat It” and “Billie Jean,” has sold over 33 million copies, and counting, in the United States alone, according to recent numbers from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Despite his global success and massive earning power, Jackson was adamant about not getting complacent with his career. For that reason, the singer said he refused to display his numerous awards (13 Grammy Awards, for example) in his home. He didn’t want to sap his work ethic.

“I try not to think about it too hard,” Jackson talked about his success in a 2005 interview. “I don’t want my subconscious mind to think that I’ve done it all: ‘You’re done now.’ No. That’s why I don’t put awards or trophies in my house. You won’t find a gold record anywhere in my house, because it makes you feel you’ve accomplished everything. But, I always wanna feel, ’No, I haven’t done it yet.